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LaTasha Price Bassette is a dynamic Dallas-based English Language Arts and Reading Instructional Specialist and Coach who has lived around the world experiencing various cultures and styles.

About LaTasha

Her Brand

consists of education, instructional coaching, parenting, fashion, and travel. LaTasha first traveled to Europe in high school where she gained fashion knowledge in London. After graduating from college with a degree in Mass Media, LaTasha moved to Europe, where she lived for 3 years before returning to Dallas. After working a year in corporate America as a Fortune 500 recruiter, LaTasha was called into education where she has worked for the past 17 years. LaTasha still has a love for travel and shares her vacations and tips for a smooth stay.

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Her family

is the most important to her. LaTasha has two children with her son having both Autism and Down Syndrome. As a divorced mom of 13 years, taking care of her son while also rearing her daughter taught LaTasha tenacity she never knew she possessed and gave her a new sense of life. LaTasha learned to be independent both emotionally and financially. Today her daughter is in college and her son is a teenager. Her relationship with her ex-husband has evolved and LaTasha has gained an expertise in how to mend broken relationships that create well-balanced and well-adjusted children.

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