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Six Habits to Maintain a Youthful Glow

One blessing about having a lot of melanin in the body is that it is a fountain of youth. I hear often that I don't look my age, and guess what! I don't feel it either. While I can't take all the credit, genetics plays a large role, I am more cognizant of what I do now to maintain a youthful appearance and energy as I near my 45th birthday. Here are my top six tips that keep me looking and feeling as though I am not a day over 30 yrs. old.

Tip #1 Exercise

My body has always been prone to gain weight. When I was younger, I wished it were different, but as I have aged, I have realized that having such a challenge taught me how to workout and maintain. Over the past few years, work and stress put on some pounds but old habits die hard and exercise is a good old habit to have. My exercise of choice is running and weight training. To accommodate my life and schedule, this year I chose a trainer and a small group of workout buddies in 30 to 45 minute workout sessions. In these sessions, I get in planks, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, ab work, and much more.

Tip #2 Skincare

Okay, truth be told, I'm not one to spend hours at night doing anything with my skin. 'But because I wear makeup, I do have some habits that I take to keep my skin clean and moisturized. My products of choice tend to be a good face cleanser, a toner, eye make-up remover, and a moisturizer for day and night.

Tip #3 Make-Up

I am sure you have been told that make-up ages you, and to some degree, I can see that. However, the right application can be a God send in forgiving age spots and blemishes. For the most part, I like a natural-looking application, choosing an earth-tone palette of browns, pinks, and burgundy. I am also a huge fan of contouring, lashes, a nude lip, and a nice brow.

Tip #4 Hair

The older I get, it seems the longer the hair. Hair is so forgiving. It can help shape and narrow a face as well as mask blemishes. My favorite looks include long, straight hair and a wavy, 70s look with lots of body. Both shave years off my appearance. My preference is clip-ins and wigs, but I will occasionally go for a weave.

Tip #5 Style

If you know anything about me, you know that I love my fashion. I don't abide by many rules in fashion and I wear what I want. I love body-flattering pieces and tend to stick with solids. Navy, black, brown, white, creme, and gray are my go-to colors, but I like to switch it up with a pop of color or print once in awhile. I tend to shop for classic pieces that can be go with other items in my closet. I also like staple pieces that are unique and show stoppers when the time permits. I do not accept societal norms of what someone should and shouldn't wear. If it looks good on me and I feel comfortable wearing it, I will. Top places to shop are Zara, ASOS, H&M, Pretty Little Thing, and Club Monaco.

Tip #1 Energy

My biggest tip to maintain a youthful glow is to surround yourself with good energy. I joke that I don't like people, but when I connect with you, it's because your energy matches mine. I like people who aren't judgmental, pretentious, or old in spirit. Surround me with people who still live in their youth of laughter, playfulness, adventure, and fun. Adulthood gives us enough adulting in our day to day; give me people who know how to switch it up and not take themselves too seriously all while having their shit together. That's good energy right there!

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