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Staying in Tulum

Tulum, Mexico has become my go to for a quick getaway. I love the energy, the vibe, and the people. On my recent trip, I had several people reach out to me asking about places to stay. Well, here's one piece of advice. You don't go to Tulum to stay at your typical resort. No, you have to capture the entire experience by staying at a boutique hotel/resort. So, here is a list of six places from the hotel zone to the city center that I love and think are great places to stay.


Totally treehouse glam. Mamasan is a wonderful hotel in the middle of the hotel district. This eclectic beauty offers a picturesque vibe in the jungle with a fabulous roof top bar. The rooms are spacious and remarkably, the entrances to each room offer substantial privacy. At the peak of the season, the hotel can be moderate in pricing, but it is so worth the experience. Located directly across from Taboo and Tantra, this hotel is always jumping and is perfect if you want to drink the night away and stroll right over to your hotel.

While it is an awesome place to stay, there are two things to be aware of with this hotel. First, it is in the middle of the hotel district. This means there is little quiet time, with noise to be expected until the party stops around 1 pm. Second, construction is big around the area. This led to a constant smell of propane. While these two factors can be pretty notable inconveniences, if you are looking for a unique experience with the ability to roll out of bed into the mix, this is definitely a hotel to consider.


Located towards the beginning of the hotel district, Amansala is a beautiful eco chic resort hotel that offers close proximity to the party while giving some peace and quiet when you want it. This hotel is stunning and has wonderful ocean views. Like Mamasan, the price varies with the season. There are nice restaurants across the street from the hotel and it is about a 15 minute walk from Taboo.


Probably one of the most photographed hotels in Tulum, this eco-resort is one strictly for the pictures and experience. It is exquisitely designed in a way that provides the ultimate jungle experience. Called the "nest," these rooms offer bird like nests as rooms. All the walkways and restaurants are high above the ground with netting and stairs.

It is important to share that throughout Azulik, there isn't any electricity. It is lit by candlelight all around the hotel and restaurants. This means there is no TV, A/C, or Wifi (only in the lobby). So, if you're looking to disconnect, this hotel is great for you. However, having been to Tulum a few times now, I can tell you that no A/C can be quite challenging depending on the time of year you go.

Lastly, this hotel is not for the budget-minded person. It will set you back about $1,000 a night.


Even if you don't stay at Casa Malca, it is definitely a must to visit. I think it has one of the best beach clubs in Tulum. Plus, this place is an artsy dream. The mansion was once the residence of Pablo Escobar. Unknown for many years, it was sold to an art collector who turned it into a hotel. You can expect to pay to stay in this luxury hotel, but you will not be disappointed.


If staying in the hotel zone is a little more than you want to spend, the city also offers great hotels. One of them is Hotel Blanco. It is a cute hotel that sits only 2 or so miles from the beach but is right in the city. I liked it because it is walking distance from city festivities but close enough to get back to the hotel zone without spending a lot on taxi fees. It also has a beautiful rooftop pool and restaurant bar in the lobby.


I cannot leave out Holistika. I stayed here a few days on my first visit to Tulum. Holistika is a yoga retreat located in the middle of the jungle. This hotel serves as a dual hotel and hostel. A hostel is a great idea for those who wish to cut cost on living. However, if you want to stay in a hotel room, this hotel has great options for this as well.

Just to be aware, Holistika is a non-alcohol hotel. So, if you want to drink, you'll have to do so off the premises. It also is a little far from the hotel zone and will cost you a little more to get to and from the hot spots in the beach area. However, if your goal is for peace and tranquility, Holistika is a great choice.

These are just a few of the many hotels that you can choose to stay but there are so many more with their own unique experiences. My suggestion is to Google hotels in Tulum to see the other options. I also use Instagram for customer reviews (pictures) through tags. Consider where you want to be in location to the beach and city, the experience you want to have in your hotel, and how much you are willing to spend. Hopefully, this blog provides you with some details to consider in your search. Happy picking!

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