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Top Ten Moments of 2016

Okay, so we're now 3 days in 2017 and although these three days have been extremely hectic with unexpected home and car maintenance issues, I wanted to take a look back at 2016, which was really an awesome year. Here is a salute to my top ten moments.

10. New York City

An impromptu trip with my boyfriend and our teens gave us an opportunity to bond away from home and to experience culture at its highest during a very tough time in our history.

9. My daughter's homecoming

Break out the tissue. Last year I shared my daughter's first homecoming prep with her father, which was a disaster ending in my child missing pre-homecoming photos with her friends. This year I left no wheel unturned and took it over myself. The results were phenomenal. My daughter was such a beauty.

8. Graduations

This year both my little cousin and my nephew graduated. My cousin from college and my nephew from high school. I love to see the younger generation continuing the expectation and values of the old.

7. Valentine's Day

My man is the greatest and he was no less for our first Valentine's Day together.

6. Kyrie's Car

What an exciting moment it was to be able to present my daughter with her very own car the day after she got her driver's license.

5. Joe Concert

Another moment thanks to my boo. Surprisingly, he and I were front and center for a very intimate event. I'll never forget it!

4. Beyonce's Formation Tour

So, babe and I watched the Super Bowl and after her performance, Beyonce promoted her upcoming tour. My sweetie joined the Beehive to ensure that we got first dibs at the tickets. Thanks boo! You rock!

3. Miami

Part of a 14 day vacation, I got to treat my wonderful guy to a wonderful time of just he and I. However, he made the Miami leg come to life with some awesome dates!

2. Bahamas

The second leg of our 14 day vacation was 7 days and nights in the Bahamas. This was a memorable moment and I cannot wait for our next island adventure.

1. My Relationship

My top ten moment was a conglomerate of moments with Lester, my man. This year offered us a year of developing our relationship, our love, and our appreciation for each other. Many of my top ten moments were experienced with him. Joy is that I chose love and even greater, he chose me.

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