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Calming the Madness

There is a lot of madness in the world at present, and sometimes I find myself so caught up in keeping up that I give myself a headache. In addition to the political chaos happening around me, just a month ago, I was dealing with work-related madness that was stressing me out. Then, this month there was the gas leak, the heater failure on a very cold night, the stoppage, medical bills for my daughter, and new opportunities she has been receiving that equaled unexpected bills. Let's not even go into parenting a special needs boy! Between calls from school about his behavior and his stubborness...Sigh. A lot for a single mother of two running a household and managing a career. Definitely a lot to think about, a lot to stress, and a lot to handle. Learning to calm the madness when getting away from it isn't an immediate option is an ever developing skill I am honing. But last weekend, I had that moment.

Thanks to my boyfriend, last weekend there was little news and a lot of relaxing. Though Sunday brunch was somewhat of a disaster - no brunching downtown anymore (long story), the boo and I had a great weekend of movies, food, and culture. We began our weekend with a Friday date night of sushi, drinks, and movie - The Underworld Blood Wars. Before dinner, we stopped to have drinks and were surrounded by the LBGT community. I was especially proud at how friendly and relaxed my man was engaging in fun batter with the "ladies" as the perfect strangers talked to me and shared humor and disappointments in life. I wish I'd captured a picture with the ladies because they were fabulous, and people I would have loved to cultivate a friendship!

Saturday we caught another movie at the stylish Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Cedars. And can I just say that I loved Hidden Figures! So many lessons that we walked away with, and to know that my daughter's great mother was a computer for NASA made the movie even more intriguing. Watching my sorors and a fellow Hamptonian persevere in a time when women, Black women, weren't so outspoken was inspiring. The legacy. The sass. The feminism. I was so proud. And the themes were timely.

Then, Sunday after brunch, Babe and I made our way to the arts district to visit the Dallas Museum of Art. I have to share that there is just something so calming about a museum. Aside from the intellectual quality, the quietness and intrigue takes me to a place of discovery and reflection. At the museum, my favorite exhibit was the Arts of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. I wasn't surprised by my instant appreciation for this exhibit. I've long collected African, Asian, and Pacific artifacts. There are masks, a spear, and sculptures in each room of my home, and like home, I felt relaxed - detached from the issues for a moment to appreciate the simplicity of life. I calmed the madness...if only for a moment.

We are living in a time of unrest. I am not comfortable and am highly engaged. The present is at stake as is the future for my children. And if not enough, I still have children to rear. 'But I have recognized after a week long headache that unplugging for a while, if only to appreciate what you do have, is essential for health and effectiveness. Find your place or activity to unplug from the madness of life, and yes...if only for a moment.

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